Grape: Syrah (2014)

Producer: Baglio Oro

Location: Terre Siciliane, Sicily, Italy



Why did we choose this wine? 
Our sommelier Paolo has chosen this Syrah to show what the grape yields before the difference in climate and winemaking approach that sets Australia and the Rhone Valley apart from each other comes into play.


Included in Lesson: Grape Fundamentals

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About this wine

The legend goes that Syrah was brought in ancient times from Shiraz, Persia (hence its other name) to Sicily and then to France. For this reason we decided to showcase a Sicilian one, to show what a very typical Syrah is like.


Tasting notes

Colour: Purple

Aromas: Black pepper, Plum, Vanilla, Liquorice


  • Acids: Medium
  • Glycerol: High
  • Alcohol: High
  • Sugars: Very low / absent
  • Tannins: High
  • Minerals: Medium

Body: Full

Oaked: Yes

Alcohol: 13.5% Vol


Enjoy With

Barbecue pork, pork stew,  lamb chops, and grilled sausages. Dishes with black olives, lots of black pepper and herbs.


The wine maker

The Baglio Oro winery is run with the firm intention to bring the traditions passed through generations together with a modern approach to winemaking. The result is a wine that speaks for itself.

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