Grape: Sauvignon Blanc (2015)

Producer: Paolo Rodaro

Location: Colli Orientali, Friuli, Italy


Why did we choose this wine? 
Our sommelier Paolo has chosen this Sauvignon Blanc off the beaten path to show what the grape is really about, before the additional intensity that the warm climate of New Zealand or colder climate of Sancerre come to play.


Included in Lesson: Grape Fundamentals

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About this wine

From its homeland in the Loire Valley, Sauvignon Blanc found a new prime location in the Northerm Italian region of Friuli. The nearby mountains and the sea breezes enhance the distinctive aromas of the grape.


Tasting notes

Colour: Greenish

Aromas: Bell pepper, Freshly cut grass, Passion fruit, Pineapple


  • Acids: Very high

  • Glycerol: Medium

  • Alcohol: High

  • Sugars: Very low / absent

  • Tannins: Very low / absent

  • Minerals: Medium

Body: Medium

Oaked: No

Alcohol: 14.0% Vol



Enjoy With

Milder fish like sole, trout and sea bass. Goat cheese and other soft cheeses. Asparagus and hummus.


The wine maker

Paolo Rodaro is an old friend of ours as they have been the personal supplier of our in-house sommelier for years. Paolo is a vulcano of ideas and a visit to his winery is always a chance to discover something new that he's experimenting with to make his wine better and better.

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