Location: Rioja, Reserva, Spain (2004)

Grape: Tempranillo

Producer: Monte Real, Bodegas Riojanas


Part of Set: The Rioja Wines

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About this wine

More than 12 years after the harvest, this Reserva still retains the vegetal and medicinal aromas that characterise the Tempranillo. The ageing has added further aromas of dried tomato and leather that make the wine particularly sophisticated.


Tasting notes

Colour: Pomegranate

Aromas: Leather, Dried tomato, Vegetal, Medicinal, Sultanas


  • Acids: Very high
  • Glycerol: High
  • Alcohol: High
  • Sugars: Very low / absent
  • Tannins: High
  • Minerals: Very high

Body: Full

Oaked: Yes

Alcohol: 13.5% Vol



Enjoy With

Roasted leg of lamb and juicy lamb chops. Cured meats like Chorizo and Iberico ham. Cheddar and Manchego cheese.