Grape: Grenache (2014)

Producer: Delas Freres

Location: Ventoux, Rhone Valley, France


Part of Set: The Rioja Wines


About this wine

Known as Grenache in France, Garnacha in Spain and Cannonau in Italy, this is one of the most widely planted grape in the world. Here we have a classic version from the Rhone Valley (France), where it found international fame.


Tasting notes

Colour: Ruby

Aromas: Plum, Raspberry, Cinnamon


  • Acids: Medium
  • Glycerol: Very high
  • Alcohol: Medium
  • Sugars: Very low / absent
  • Tannins: High
  • Minerals: Medium

Body: Full

Oaked: Yes

Alcohol: 13.0% Vol



Enjoy With

Chicken, fish and pork stews. Grilled sausages. Pasta with tomato and sausage sauce. Gazpacho.