Grape: Cabernet Sauvignon (2015)

Producer: Feudi di Romans

Location: Isonzo, Friuli, Italy


Why did we choose this wine? 
Our sommelier Paolo has chosen this Cabernet Sauvignon because it shows the aromas and the flavours of the grape before oaking comes into play. In fact, the wine region where it comes from has a climate similar to Bordeaux but local producers do not use oak as much, leaving the grape itself to show.


Included in Lesson: Grape Fundamentals

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About this wine

Cabernet Sauvignon expresses its typical aroma of bell pepper in cooler climates similar to its homeland (Bordeaux). The Isonzo area in Northern Italy has exactly that climate and this wine is a very typical Cabernet Sauvignon.


Tasting notes

Colour: Ruby

Aromas: Bell pepper, Vinous, Cherry, Blackberry


  • Acids: High
  • Glycerol: Medium
  • Alcohol: Medium
  • Sugars: Very low / absent
  • Tannins: High
  • Minerals: Low

Body: Medium

Oaked: No

Alcohol: 12.5% Vol


Enjoy With

Steak, pork belly, braised ribs and lamb. Mushroom pizza. Broccoli and roasted brussel sprouts.



The wine maker

The Lorenzon family that runs Feudi di Romans is well-known in their region for being lively and cheerful. A mood that they invariably pass on to all of those visiting the winery.

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