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(2) Finding my perfect wine match

How to find every time a wine that fits my personal taste? It all comes down to figuring out exactly what characteristics I really like in wine. If that sounds easier said than done, here's how we intend to solve this same old problem.

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(3) My Wine ID showcased

How to make sense of wine when there're thousands of them to choose from? Our beacon here is that all wines have a set of fundamental features in common, and that noting down the wines you liked and those you didn't, a trained eye can figure out the ones that will perfectly match your taste next.

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(4) How to read wine labels

You don’t need to be a master of wine to work out what a wine might taste like before opening a bottle. Unfortunately, wine labels don't help much. With these Pulp tips, you can figure out how to filter through the nonsense and find the information that matters.

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