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What is Pulp?

Diversity: every month, you’ll receive 4 unique wines that you won’t find at a supermarket/wine shop

Comparison: open and compare 2 half-sized bottles to help you discern your palate, with an online lesson

Taste: we promise to never send you a bottle based on a label or an award – it’s all about the taste

Community: become part of a wine club for people who simply like wine, no snobbery around it




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plus £5 delivery for each box


£29 for 1 box
£74 for 3 boxes

plus £5 delivery for each box


Half size bottles

Our 375ml bottles allow you to taste and compare 2 wines each time


2 online lessons for each box

Intuitive, informative and easy to remember online tutorials and wine profiles

Great wine doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive. Once you’re shown the ropes of how to choose wine, you can focus on what really matters, which is your personal taste.
— Paolo, Sommelier at Pulp

Quality wines sourced directly from small producers

We do all the hard work to find them – for you to enjoy


Theme-based lessons

Each box contains 2 lessons on a specific theme (eg oaking, wine & food pairing) which will make you a wine buff


How often do you get a chance to directly compare 2 different wines and learn about their differences?

I'm in love with the Pulp Method, it has given me the confidence to know which wine to get, whether I’m at the restaurant or at home – Jack, London