The Pulp Team

Why did we start Pulp? Simple. We love wine and think it’s awesome.
We love its ability to bring people around the table and share stories.


Paolo Zanelli

Paolo is Pulp’s in-house sommelier and CEO. Prior to founding Pulp, Paolo worked in the financial industry, including the Singaporean sovereign fund GIC. Paolo is a WSET and UKSA certified sommelier and lifelong wine lover.

Mario La Pergola

Mario is a co-founder of Pulp. Before his made his way into wine, Mario spent time in investment banking and private equity firms. Mario is an avid athlete & president of a racing team, and a keen photographer.

Riccardo Santoro

Riccardo is a co-founder of Pulp. Riccardo has 9 years of experience in management consulting, the last 3 of which advising startups on growth strategies.

Friederike Hamann

Art Director

Natalia Krupina

Marketing Director


Happiness Director